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Bartek, Business Analyst

I am a generalist specializing in projects that involve Information Technology a means of delivering value.

At Leaware, I am responsible for building relationships with our (mostly international) clients, understanding their needs and ideas, capturing requirements, and designing solutions that fulfill them. Once the whats and whys are established, I help our development teams deliver by employing active leadership and ensuring that we continuously improve our skills and processes.

Client's about Bartek

Tanja de Groot

NFV Solutions & Operations Architect at Nokia

I highly recommend Bartosz for his deep knowledge, efficient take-up of new tasks, his autonomy and coming forth with solutions, even for difficult problems, his out of the box thinking, and last but not least his very nice character ! It was a great pleasure to work with him

Testimonial 1

Kelvin Edmison

Cloud & Container Management Lead Architect

I found Bartosz to be a great communicator, eager to (and importantly, able to) master new domains. Bartosz was asked to learn and integrate Kong into a DC/OS environment, Keycloak integrations, and to identify approaches for auto-scaling of Kong clusters. Despite being new to some of these technologies,

Testimonial 2

Michal CiachVP

Global Head of Planning & Fulfillment at ABB Industrial Automation

I would like to recommend Bartosz as a professional and experienced consultant in area of design and simulation tools. He’s got good practical knowledge on how state of the art simulation toolboxes can be efficiently introduced to the business world.

Testimonial 3

Tomasz WyczynskiSenior

Software Engineer at Nokia

I used to work with Bartek for one year in Nokia in Application and Analytics department. It was close cooperation and I found Bartek as a key team player. Bartek's energy and fresh ideas set the direction for whole development team. He is able to act in wide range of ares: general product architecture, software development, project management (not a close list), so his skills are really unique and wide.

Testimonial 4

Bartek took Trooper to the top!

You probably have heard about It is a Belgian service that allows users to finance non-profit organizations through online purchasing for everyday items.

Despite the limited budget, within just 3 weeks of undertaking the project, Leaware provided the customer with the first version of a working solution. As a result, it was possible to conduct a verification of business scalability and move on with the development of the project. Within 2.5 years of the implementation of solutions developed for the system, databases of supported non – profit organizations increased by over 40 000%. Almost three years have passed since the first version of the solution was launched.


registered non - profit organizations


+1000 000

EURO of a total purchase

+2000 000

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