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If you...

  • Want to learn about the latest technologies on the market, gain valuable experience while working on various projects, take an active part in achieving the company's strategic goals, and are not afraid of challenges -
  • Leaware is the perfect place for you!

Why is it worth working with us?

Because we treat the company as a place where we spend 33 (3)% of every day of our life and we know how crucial a good atmosphere between people who see each other more than with anyone else.

Because in Leaware, we curve space-time: thanks to time for interesting projects and tasks, it runs so fast that it goes into your business you pass yourself leaving work.

Because we don't cultivate the cult of personality, we have a flat structure, which each has an impact on the final effect of the projects. I can express an opinion that everyone reckons.

Because we know that there are random cases: you lock yourself in the house, and the keys they happened to be somewhere on the other side door? Remote work on company equipment is the problem.

Because we know that whoever stands still moves backward - always, we follow technological innovations, working based on the latest trends and tools. You do not go back in time with us. We keep moving forward.

Because we are people and we work for common success, we do trust, know our value, and know how to use it for the benefit of customers, the company, and ourselves.

Because exercise is health: so we move sometimes for fairs, conferences, training sessions, visits to customers, cooperators where apart from work, we find time to have fun.

Because everyone is different: and we can appreciate and use the diversity of our team.

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