TROOPER'S SUCCESS STORY: "Helping has never been so easy."

You probably have heard about It is a Belgian service that allows users to finance non-profit organizations through online purchasing for everyday items.

What have we achieved together?

Despite the limited budget, within just 3 weeks of undertaking the project, Leaware provided the customer with the first version of a working solution. As a result, it was possible to conduct a verification of business scalability and move on with the development of the project. Within 2.5 years of the implementation of solutions developed for the system, databases of supported non – profit organizations increased by over 40 000%. Almost three years have passed since the first version of the solution was launched.

  • 7.045 registered non - profit organizations
  • 1.085.618 purchases made through the websites of non - profit organizations supported by Trooper
  • 2.230.497 EURO of a total purchase amount transferred to non - profit organizations which are part of the Trooper network


„I met Tomasz from Leaware via a recommendation by another Startup, We have been working closely together for almost 2 years now and have had ups & downs, but we are still happy with our choice and believe that Leaware is a good partner to rely on and build our Trooper platform with. They always try to solve issues in a very constructive way and consider all the feedback very carefully.

”Elisabet Lamote, owner / Trooper

What does Elisabet think of cooperation with Leaware?

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Tom Soroka /

Leaware 2020